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IAAO’s unique series of Webinars gives you the education you need conveniently and at a reasonable price for any budget. Covering all of the hot trends in the tax assessment industry our Webinars will provide you with the relevant and timely knowledge you and your staff require for your continued success.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is short for Web-based seminar. It is a lecture, presentation or seminar that is presented live over the internet using video conference software, in our case Zoom. The session typically includes a PowerPoint presentation, hand-outs, and polling questions.

Benefits of a Webinar:

  • Time effective – Typically only 60-120 minutes and there is no travel involved.
  • Cost effective – The registration fee is the only cost and by becoming an IAAO member you can take advantage of the IAAO member rate of $55.
  • Convenient – You can attend the Webinar virtually anywhere you have internet access, in your office or at home.
  • Easy to Use – All you need is a computer with a high speed connection and you are good to go. Our webinar interface, Zoom, makes it easy.

Webinar Broadcast

IAAO webinars are produced and broadcast from Kansas City in the IAAO Studios, sponsored by Tyler Technologies, with participation of speakers around the country and globe.


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  • Includes Credits

    Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry with a short history. This makes solar property valuation challenging. Solar development also presents challenging considerations for local government officials. With enough information and a goal of fair treatment of solar properties, appraisers and officials can be ready to face these challenges head-on.

  • Please join us for a panel discussion with IAAO members from multiple jurisdictions who will share their reappraisal stories. Learn from those who have recently been through the reappraisal process and hear what they know now and what they wish they knew before undertaking the project. If you’re interested in hearing about experiences from your fellow assessors, we ask you to join us.

  • In 2019, the Cook County Assessor’s Office did something unprecedented: They invited the IAAO to conduct a practices and procedure audit of the office. Through interviews with staff and opening up access to the office, the IAAO was able to identify the areas that were most in need of improvement. The resulting audit was publicly available online and was the roadmap for Assessor Fritz Kaegi’s work in reforming the office. Three years later, the office has improved its technology, increased its hiring, and created more accurate and equitable assessments. This webinar will discuss how the audit was conducted and how it was put into action.

  • Includes Credits

    The Covid-19 crisis, and now the vaccine distribution, has laid bare the failings of government, at all levels, to deliver health care. The consequences have been tragic. In times of crisis, people and systems are tested. Some fail, others thrive. The consequences are no less dire for Assessors, traditionally the largest source of local discretionary funding for schools, cities, and local government. Larry Stone, Silicon Valley's Assessor, has not just weathered the storm, his office has measurably excelled. In this webinar, Stone describes the cost accounting and performance management systems he created, and has nurtured since he was first elected in 1994. He will also discuss how to create an employee-culture, in a heavily unionized environment that embraces customer service and accountability.