I'm interested in becoming a mentor 

I'm interested in becoming a mentee

Value in Exchange will use the Mentorship Rocket platform to connect mentors and mentees. Specialists designed and created Mentorship Rocket exclusively for associations. 

Visit Mentorship Rocket to learn more about how mentors and mentees connect using the platform.

Benefits of mentoring include... Benefits for mentees include...
• Becoming a good listener
• Learning the art of delivering feedback
• Paying it forward.
• Learning to self-reflect
• Learning from others
• Having an advocate

Additional benefits for participants include increasing self-confidence, increasing self-awareness, and developing leadership skills.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and the program can accommodate 100 participants at a time. If the program is at its capacity, your application will be waitlisted until an opening occurs.

All applicants must be a current IAAO member in good standing for their application to be accepted.